When examining the library experience and how it can be made more efficient for all staff, eReserve Plus takes away copyright confusion from librarians and faculty.

The start of each teaching semester can be chaotic and difficult forĀ faculty and library staff. Creating a reading list can be an exhaustive process, with librarians crawling through each of the different courses in the current learning management system. They then have to find the materials, audit them manually and then find out if they have the rights to use them.

If they don’t, this drawn-out process ends with librarians simply denying faculty the use of materials.

eReserve integrates with your existing systems

Rather than completely change the way your librarians and faculty are required to do things, we integrate eReserve Plus with your existing systems, and bring everything into one, central place. This makes the process far easier for librarians, while academics have increased clarity as they can simply flick through the feedback on materials.

One of the points we pride ourselves on at eReserve is offering our customers assurance that materials are being automatically approved, with 70 per cent of readings automatically approved for use.

All of this is to help address and remove the communication divide between faculty and librarians while easily creating an up-to-date database of available texts.

Learn how we solve copyright chaos with eReserve Plus.Learn how we solve copyright chaos with eReserve Plus.

Once an approved reading list is creating, it’s saved to the system and able to be easily referenced in future. eReserve will connect with your library catalogues, merge with any subscriptions you might have, and allow faculty to search and add materials quickly. This way, library staff don’t have to spend excessive time finding, checking and validating materials – they can simply use the one-click-reporting function.

Reading list creation and validation made simple

With faculty juggling time and reading-list responsibilities at the start of semesters, all readings must be processed by library staff to be put online. If they don’t, there’s the chaos of academics adding materials as they choose, exacerbating the risks involved with universities around copyright control.

eReserve Plus helps address these and other issues experienced by faculty and librarians, including:

  • The amount of time and effort put into validating reading lists.
  • Assurance of copyright control.
  • Complicated existing processes – our streamlined system shows what has been changed and when.

If you want to learn more about eReserve Plus and start making life easier for your librarians and faculty, get in touch with our team today.