University of Newcastle – Going Digital First

The University of Newcastle is set apart from its peers in the Australian tertiaryeducation landscape, in many respects. The University is the sector leader interms of Indigenous student enrolments and the employment of Indigenous staffand consistently ranks in Australia’s top 10 universities for research. The University’sstrong commitment to research, teaching and learning, its diverse studentcohort,… read more
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Digital Distribution in Education: Now and in the Future

Digital distribution of learning materials at educational institutions is an efficient and effective way to deliver resources and comply with copyright laws — and the disruption of 2020 has helped speed up the process.  Making the leap from physical to digital learning resource management and distribution can have an immediate positive impact on flexibility, consistency… read more
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Is it possible to simplify fair use? – White paper

Fair use is an essential part of copyright law in the US, and is relied upon by many educational institutions to provide materials for their students. But adhering to fair use guidelines is a tough and complex process. Doing so incorrectly puts organisations at risk of significant legal battles and fines from copyright holders. to… read more
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